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Incidentally, there is no correlation whatsoever in playing a blood elf and being gay either, or playing a female character and being gay. Or being "gay" and being gay. Pigeon breasts. Originally Posted by Agrostini. Draeneis are former Eredars. Eredars are demon draeneis broke free from them. So lore wise it wouldnt fit.

Originally Posted by Puck. I find it quite disheartening that I got an erection just by reading "Cowboy boots". Originally Posted by Anodur. The greatest generation is long dead? I race swapped my main to a male Draenei the day paid race change came out, imo they looks pretty badass as long as they wear a kilt. Hey, nothing wrong with Draenie DKs!

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Actually I only have one because I faction transfered my dk to alliance so I'd have a level 85 for mop. Well, I dunno, something about them just doesn't look right to me, I can't put my finger on it, but otherwise I'm cool with Draenei male. Their legs are tiny and not proportionate for their large upper bodies, I personally can't stand their voices either.

But thats just me, there are people who think undead are ugly and human males look great out there aswell They look terrible imo, as others have stated their legs are not proportional to their body. Plus I was not a fan of the last minute lore they gave them when they first released them. They should have just stuck to the old draenei. Originally Posted by Judge Malthred. While I think it's pretty pathetic to associate a player's skill, intelligence or sexual orientation with what race and gender he plays, there are still some I wouldn't personally play, and male Draenei is one of them.

Their proportions are just ridiculous, and I don't like tails bobbing my cloak back and forth. That's really the only reason. And about male Blood Elves, I see nothing wrong with them at all. Male or female, actually. That's an incorrect idea people often type hyperbole about when grasping at straws for some excuse to make Anduin seem not gay.

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What he did do, was make note of how gracefully a Draenei's fingers moved when she cast a spell. That's it. That's the gayest way you could admire at a woman. Anduin Wrynn, even as he hit puberty, has never shown interest in a woman.

Male Draenei (Warcraft) - Works | Archive of Our Own

A teenage male hasn't shown attraction. But he has formed a very close bond with one person his age. They sat on a beach alone together, discussed how close they feel, and then this person playfully offered to take Anduin on their back and run away together. Yes, that literally happened. So, there is no canon example of Anduin being into women, but there are multiple instances of tender moments between him and another male his age. If that doesn't point at "gay" to you, you are heavily in denial. Stop making up gross, straight-pandering fanfic.

What affect does it have on you if he's gay? Why do you hate it so much?

That's a metaphorical question, btw. You just don't like gay people.

The World of Warcraft community forums have moved!

Apr 25, 2. I do not feel any character or person in LoA at this time does the gay, or even straight, character overly overtly hehe, i love saying that! Nobody plays the sexual preference card too much in this guild. So in a way, I agree with Avaali that we can trust our members on it right now. Still, Nataari does have a good point when she says it is a big group of people to trust without saying a word about it.

As the ERP in Moonglade thread describes, only one person playing the card way too openly and way too overtly can and probably will ruin the reputation of a very respectable roleplaying guild. A reputation that we have worked on for almost two years now to build up. And especially considering the sensetivity of Draenei lesbian ERPers being way too common in places where it DOES happen, I hope people understand that the leadership might crack down just a bit on things when they threaten to destroy the good name as a guild that doesn't do that kind of thing.

I also think that had to be said as that really colors the opinion of the Council members on this topic to a level that might not always be fair to every player and every character concept, but what is very important to us. There is a stigma on the female Draenei 'roleplayer' we have been fighting an uphill battle against for 2 years now. We have been very lucky so far that our selection method was good enough so far that the matter of those kinds of characters joining us has been few and far between and always been handled swiftly and, in my eyes, fairly by us. But I also hope that people do understand that if a situation arises where we feel forced to take action on a character for overt actions that hurt our reputation as a respectable Draenei guild that it has nothing to do with how we feel about gay people I know for a fact that Nataari at least is possibly the most accepting person I met IRL ever on subjects like this , but that it is because we have to fight a stigma and a bad name that Draenei have in general on RP servers that forces us to crack down extra hard on some overtly sexual be it gay or straight character concepts.

I feel that also had to be said in this discussion. Perforad, marry me! Okay, dangerous wording here But thanks for explaining my concerns here better than I could in my own words, and thanks for explaining the guilds worries, and its stance on this topic. I even have nothing else to add here, as most things seem to have been stated. Admin wrote: Arukann Posts: I remember a discussion like this back when I was an officer in LoA, my opinion hasn't changed from then but it is nice to see such a discussion here on the forums.

Tiaana Posts: I think that the Draenei would be almost inanimously heterosexual, due to the rather big gender differences.

Male and female Draenei body is so different that it would be really rare to find a sexual drive towards the same gender. Of course, they would probably be accepting of gay people because of their good nature, but they themselves would rather be straight.

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Xarthat Posts: The differences most likely mean little, dont forget that the extremely limited models in game do not now show even a proximity of the actual differences in size and form. Besides, love have fairly little to do with sexual intent. I dont know if she actually married it, but she wants to.

Their good nature is probably also fairly irrelevant, not all draenei are the same. And not all are good natured. Grimsain wrote: It is a tricky subject, what exists in game and what is within the walls of lore or logically must be does not always fit together. And supernatural, there is nothing supernatural in the warcraft world, magic, gods, demigods, chaos, order and everything in between is perfectly natural. To define truly evil is not very easy, I find it hard to paste a story on the dreanei where any part of their structure have a perfectly clear view of what is evil, how to find it and remove it.

However that is quite a different subject. Limited would be an understatement, one female form and one male I do not agree that you can take what you see as average. What you see is an average warrior male and an average "sexy" female since that is what the wast majority of the players wish to play.

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  • Very little to do with the true average of the people fitting to the lore. And it hardly even fits to the classes, the huge bulking model hardly fits a mage or priest.

    But where you to chose one model it would be far more profitable to have bulky mages then feeble warriors. As for the females, within the alliance which female are the least played? The dwarfs. Not sexy enough. I would even have preferred them with beards as most fantasy stories portrait them.

    Thus you cant really take what you see in game as a basis of a functional lore towards any of the races, and since the goal of blizzard is not to eliminate every plothole true definitions will come very slowly or never. All you can do is pick and discuss what is logical. It is not logical that the models in game is the average, the wast majority of dreanei must be normal workers, they do not look like that.

    Well, marriage originates about 10 years ago. When humans started farming the land and the importance of possessions being inherited by the real children of the family marriage became much more important then in a hunter-gatherer society. Thus arose as a way of controlling the females, marriage. Very little to do with love.