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Here’s the good news:
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That's far from a trivial question.

  1. What is the sweetest thing your dream guy could do for you?!
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  3. What characteristics are important to you?.
  4. 14 Signs Your Gay Boyfriend Is A Keeper.
  5. 14 Signs Your Gay Boyfriend Is A Keeper | Thought Catalog!

I couldn't possibly tell you if anyone on Quora would approach being an ideal boyfriend for me. Sign In.

How to Find a Boyfriend When You Are Gay: 5 Useful Tips for Getting With a Decent Guy | PairedLife

Who is your ideal gay Quora boyfriend? Update Cancel. Answer Wiki. Quora is not a dating site. Do your sense of humors mesh? Do you have leisure interests in common? What about financial goals? Ideas about kids? I don't think anybody could. Is cooking a must on your priority list? Tell us! A perfect date is a very subjective thing. To some, it's wild and crazy while others couldn't be happier having a low-key night. What does your perfect man want to do for your perfect date? Pardon us but we mustache you a question and we're pretty sure that you can handle-bar it. Okay, that's enough puns but seriously, do you envision your dream man with any facial hair?

14 Signs Your Gay Boyfriend Is A Keeper

To some girls, a car is just a car But to others, it says a lot about the man sitting in the driver's seat. Do you care what kind of car your dream man would drive? Does your dream man drink like a fish? Have a signature drink? Or maybe he's the complete opposite and he stays away from booze. Somewhere in between and just a social drinker? We want to know! Is he like you at parties? Or are the two of you complete opposites? Sometimes being with your opposite is nice because it forces you out of your comfort zone.

What is your dream man like?

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It can be easy to bond with your dream man if you have a mutual love of animals. Trips to the dog park, beach and hiking trails with your furry friends can be a wonderful way to spend time together. To raise or not to raise children in one of the biggest issues that couples can face. If both are not on the same page about raising children, the future may have a grim outlook.

The Perfect Boyfriend

A trip to a theme park can make for an exciting and thrilling date and as a special bonus, you also get to know a lot about the person. Are they brave or a wimp when it comes to white-knuckle rides?

Make a list.

Where will he want to spend his first trip as man and wife? More importantly, will you and he agree on where to spend that special vacation? Sure, there will be more trips to come but this is a biggie! A good-looking man on a motorcycle How do you feel about your dream man and two-wheeled machines? Even if you're not married, being there for each other through sickness and health is important and that goes for emotional health, too. If you're feeling blue, he should do his best to cheer you up.

How would he go about that? In some cases, a couple that movie-watches together, stays together. But that isn't true for everyone. What kind of movies does your dream man love to watch? Is it the same genre as yours? It's kind of like playing that game you played at slumber parties when you were a little girl. Do you remember Mash? Or Mash Cash Dash if you were fancy enough?


Choose where your dream boy lives now! Candy isn't just for kids! I spotted you from across the room and asked who you were. He said your name was and that you.

We met while rock climbing at in. You, like me, were and we shared an instant connection. After we were done climbing, we decided to. Sign up and build your boyfriend. Shape the future of Invisible Boyfriend. I'm interested in: